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What causes blushing?

Most people experience blushing from time to time. It occurs when tiny vessels beneath the skin widen to increase blood flow to the skin, and causing redness, most commonly on the face and / or neck area.

Blushing occurs as a natural subconscious reaction to certain feelings, situations or people. For example, many people blush when meeting new people, when asked to speak in public, or when feeling embarrassed.

Some people start to feel anxious about the possibility of blushing, and find their thoughts focussing on trying to prevent it. But focussing on avoiding blushing can actually make it more likely to occur, as their anxiety or embarrassment builds. However, it is possible to develop new ways of thinking that can reduce both the anxiety and the blushing itself.

Perhaps you have become uncomfortable about blushing? If you don't want to worry about it any more, why not find out how hypnotherapy may be able to help you.

How hypnotherapy can help
  • Hypnotherapy can help you to feel more comfortable and confident when faced with the situations or people that may previously have led you to blush. By changing how your mind thinks about these stimuli, you also change your body's automatic responses to them.
  • Within hypnosis, you can learn simple relaxation techniques that help your mind to feel clear and calm, and your body to remain cool and comfortable.
  • Hypnotherapy can also refocus your mind, so you can forget to remember previous concerns about the possibility of blushing.
  • And as you begin to feel more comfortable, the tendency to blush automatically decreases, reinforcing your confidence still further!
Find out how hypnotherapy can help you

Call me now for a chat about how hypnotherapy may be able to help you. I'm always happy to explain more about hypnotherapy, and you can come along for a free, no-obligation appointment to talk things through in more detail. Just 2 or 3 sessions could be all it takes to have you feeling a lot more relaxed and confident.

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