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Public Speaking

Public speaking – a very common fear

If you feel anxious at the idea of public speaking, you are not alone. Many people who are usually very confident find themselves feeling unnerved - even terrified - at the thought of being expected to make a speech or give a presentation.

Public speaking can take many forms

There are lots of situations where you might be asked to speak to a group of people. For example:

  • Giving presentations at college or work
  • Addressing groups of colleagues or work contacts in meetings
  • Selling yourself during job interviews
  • Making a best man's speech at a wedding
  • Giving interviews for radio or television

As most of us rarely speak formally to an audience, anxiety is perfectly understandable. Some people worry about blushing, stammering, shaking, crying, saying the wrong thing or even being unable to speak at all. It can seem even harder not to worry about looking foolish when others appear more confident than you, or you think they may know more about the topic in question.

Hypnotherapy for public speaking

By using the power of your own subconscious mind, hypnotherapy can help you to approach public speaking in a new way, with more confidence, and feeling more calm and relaxed. Using visualisation techniques, you can rehearse in your mind giving a successful speech or presentation, programming yourself for success. With your feelings of confidence and control restored, public speaking can be approached with a new level of calmness and assurance.

Client testimonial:

"The speech went very well and got plenty of compliments, so I was really pleased. Thanks for your help. I do feel the sessions definitely helped to relax me in the run up to the event."  

We have experience that could really help you to speak more calmly and confidently

Before re-training as a hypnotherapist, I spent over 10 years working in the field of training and development, spending many hours presenting training courses, delivering briefings and speaking to groups. I can well understand the fears that can accompany public speaking, having experienced these myself at times.

My experience allows me to offer practical suggestions, as well as effective hypnotherapy tailored to you as an individual.

If you'd like to speak more clearly and confidently in public settings, simply call or e-mail me to book a free no-obligation consultation. I will then tailor your hypnotherapy to your individual needs, helping you to feel calmer and more confident as quickly as possible.

Client testimonial:

"I had my big presentation today ... it actually went really well and amazingly I doidn't feel anywhere near as nervous as I usually do on those osrt of occasions. Loads of people commented on how confidently I presented the information, and to be honest, I did feel quite confident once I started ... I wouldn't have believes hypnotherapy could make such a difference, but I can't think of any other reason for the change so it must have!"   


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