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Choice Hypnotherapy

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Common Questions

Many people have queries about hypnotherapy. Some of the most common questions are answered below. If you would like more information, or have any other questions or concerns, please contact Vanessa, who will be very happy to help.

Is hypnotherapy like stage hypnosis?

To be brief, NO! Whilst both involve hypnosis, their aims, methods and outcomes are totally different:

  • Stage hypnotists are working as performers, not as therapists. They use hypnosis to encourage willing volunteers to act in particular ways simply for entertainment.
  • Hypnotherapists use hypnosis purely for therapeutic purposes, helping clients to achieve positive changes in a confidential setting. Hypnotherapy will not make you think, do or say anything against your wishes, and will not make you look foolish.

Click here for more on the use of hypnosis by stage entertainers and hypnotherapists

Can anyone be hypnotised?

The vast majority of people can be hypnotised, provided that they wish to be. Hypnotherapy is not about the therapist controlling the client - it is about working together as partners. As a client, you need to be willing to work with Vanessa to agree and achieve your goals through hypnotherapy. You bring the desire to change, and Vanessa will bring skills to help you to do so.

Some people find it easier to relax than others, and similarly some people are able to go into hypnosis more quickly and more deeply than others. Most people find it gets easier with practice. People with very active minds are often pleasantly surprised to find that they can relax very deeply, once they learn how to do so! However, even a light trance can be sufficient to allow many therapeutic goals to be achieved, so most people can benefit from hypnotherapy.

How will I feel during hypnosis?

There is actually no specific feeling associated with hypnosis. Most people feel pleasantly relaxed, although as we are all individuals the exact experience differs from one person to another. Being hypnotised can often feel like being in a daydream, or perhaps that warm comfortable state just before you fall asleep.

Your body can feel deeply relaxed, as you rest in a large comfortable chair. Sometimes, you may remain aware of what is happening; at other times you may feel as though your mind wanders. While you relax, Vanessa will be working to offer therapeutic suggestions to be accepted at a subconscious level.

Despite individual variations, many people find hypnotherapy an effective way to resolve issues. Remember: what matters is not how hypnosis feels, but that the hypnotherapy works!

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnotherapy is very safe when used by a qualified hypnotherapist. No drugs or medications are used, there are no side-effects, and hypnotherapy is not addictive.

As when daydreaming, although you are very relaxed, you remain in control at all times. If there was any need to respond to an emergency (such as a fire alarm), you would automatically leave the hypnotic state immediately and completely.

You cannot be forced to say, do or accept anything you are not comfortable with. You won't suddenly reveal all your secrets. And don't believe sensationalist stories: you cannot get 'stuck' in hypnosis – just as you cannot get 'stuck' in sleep – you simply revert to normal wakeful awareness!

Please also read our page on 'Safety'

How much control will I have during hypnosis?

Even in hypnosis, you will only accept and act on suggestions that feel right for you. It is NOT possible for any hypnotherapist to make you do or believe anything that you would find unacceptable outside hypnosis.

Will it work?

Hypnotherapy can be incredibly helpful for many people, and Vanessa does her utmost to make it as effective as possible for each client. You should remember, though, that we are all individuals, and no guarantee can - or should - be given that any type of therapy will work for everyone. Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand - it is a process where the therapist and client work together to achieve beneficial changes. Both need to understand the desired outcome of the therapy, and be equally committed to achieving that result.

Treatment is likely to be most effective for clients who are truly motivated to make their desired change, and are willing to participate fully in the treatment and change process. Vanessa will use her all of her skills and experience of hypnotherapy to help you, and if you fully utilise that help in your daily life, you have a great chance to make your change a lasting reality.

Is the service truly confidential?

All telephone and face-to-face discussions remain completely confidential at all times. Vanessa will not discuss therapy with anyone other than the client, unless the client has given express permission for her to do so. 

Vanessa does not keep any information about clients on computer, other than recent e-mails to arrange appointments; these e-mails are deleted when the individual's therapy has finished, and the client's e-mail address is removed from the address book. 

All essential therapy notes are handwritten and are kept locked up securely; they are never taken off the premises. When records are no longer required, they are shredded. 

What is analytical hypnotherapy?

Sometimes events can leave uncomfortable memories. The client may be aware of these memories, or they may be repressed – pushed to the back of the mind and largely forgotten. In either case, the memories may start to resurface and cause difficulties later in life.

These difficulties might include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Fears and phobias
  • Chronic weight control issues
  • Relationship or interpersonal difficulties

Hypnotherapists can use age regression with clients who wish to throw light upon past events that may now be causing internal conflict. Clients are guided through past issues safely, so that they can view events from a less emotional viewpoint.

Often, simply viewing past events from a more mature adult perspective is enough for clients to 'put the past to rest'. However, this may also be combined with suggestion therapy, to help the client to make changes to their attitudes and beliefs.


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