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Choice Hypnotherapy

Contact: 07804 512814

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What Happens When You Visit Choice Hypnotherapy?

Many people are unsure what to expect when they visit a hypnotherapist, and the following information may be helpful. 

Your free initial consultation

Like many people, you may find it helpful to attend an initial consultation with Vanessa, before deciding how she can help. These sessions last for up to an hour, and are free, and with absolutely no obligation.

At your free consultation, you will be able to explain your situation, get advice and information on how hypnotherapy may help, and to see how comfortable you will feel working with Vanessa. You can clarify and agree your aims, and the best way of achieving them. This will ensure you can enjoy tailored hypnotherapy specific to your personal needs.

Usually, no hypnosis takes place during the initial consultation. The hypnotherapy normally begins on the following session.

Stop Smoking clients:
The arrangements are slightly different for clients who have decided to stop smoking. The single Stop Smoking session is 90 minutes, which includes 30 minutes consultation time and one hour for hypnotherapy. Therefore, it is not necessary to attend a consultation before this type of session.

What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

1. Relaxing into hypnosis
Once you have settled back into a really comfortable reclining chair, with some soft music playing in the background, Vanessa will guide you into a state of gentle relaxation, simply by talking and using hypnotic suggestion techniques. As she talks, you might be asked to focus on your breathing, or relaxing your body, or simply to imagine pleasant images – all designed to help you to relax. Suggestions can be used to deepen your relaxation, so your conscious thoughts quieten down, allowing your subconscious mind to surface.

2. Undertaking the therapy
Vanessa can then use hypnotherapy to guide your subconscious towards new ideas and patterning, in line with the aims you have agreed at your consultation. Usually, you will simply listen as she guides you. Occasionally, by prior agreement, you may be a more 'active' participant, answering questions and giving information that can help you to resolve your issue.

3. Concluding the session
At the end of the session, Vanessa will gently bring you back to normal wakefulness, and you should feel very pleasantly rested and refreshed.
Hypnosis will not impair your ability to drive home after a therapy session. 

For more information, or to book an appointment:

Call 07804 512814 or click here to e-mail