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Choice Hypnotherapy

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Safety & health

How safe is hypnotherapy?

Used properly and responsibly, hypnotherapy is a very safe process. In fact, it can bring enormous benefits, increasing your ability to relax and enhancing your sense of wellbeing.

The key is making sure you work with a therapist who has the appropriate qualifications and experience to be able to help you.

Choosing your hypnotherapist:

Always see a member of a recognised hypnotherapy association. They should be trained not only in the techniques of hypnosis, but also in the practical and ethical implications of its use in therapy.

  • Check that your therapist's certificates and insurance documents are up to date. If they are not on display, you could ask to see them.
  • Most hypnotherapists are not doctors or psychologists. Some issues may be best dealt with by therapists with specialist training or experience. Make sure your therapist would be willing to refer you on to someone more appropriate if the occasion arises. When you call a therapist, ask how much experience s/he has of working with issues similar to your own.
  • Make sure your therapist abides by a clearly stated code of ethics, and that there is a complaints procedure you can use if you feel the code has been breached.

I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register. This national organisation requires its members to have accredited training, and to abide by its codes of conduct and ethics. These are detailed on the website, and can be accessed directly by the following link:


I am also registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council - an organisation established with government support to regulate complementary therapies and maintain standards and accountability. Further details are available via this link:


Hypnotherapy & health:

If you are pregnant, take medication, or have any on-going health problems, make sure your Hypnotherapist knows.

You should continue with any prescribed medication, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

You should NOT undertake hypnotherapy if you have experienced any of the following conditions:

  • any psychotic illness
  • epilepsy
  • recent or serious eating disorders
  • recently-diagnosed insulin dependent diabetes
  • suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts

Hypnosis can be an excellent way to reduce pain and control other long-term symptoms without side effects. However, as pain is the body's warning system, it is very important to have the underlying problem properly diagnosed. Therefore, you should have your doctor's permission before starting hypnotherapy for pain relief or other medical problems, including sleep difficulties.

Do not undergo hypnosis when you are under the influence of alcohol or "recreational" drugs.

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